Gyanwapi — Mandir or Masjid?

The ancient battle for Gyanwapi is the latest sensation in 2022. The issue of the Gyanwapi Mosque/Temple is the talking point and will be for months to come. What was always one of the three core issues (Ayodhya, Kashi and Mathura)of pro-Hindutva groups is now gaining traction, mostly because of the internet, awakened Hindus, accurate past and a supportive govt. The recent Gyanwapi Mosque survey that was ordered by the lower court has been completed with official observations yet to come out. The ‘verbal’ observations that have come and which largely resonates with the Hindus is that there is a Shivlingam in the mosque premises which has now been found during the survey. This opens up a lot of things now. But before that, let us look at the history of it:

Before we go into the details, it is important to refresh your memories with respect to the timelines of religion.

Hinduism is a 5000 year old religion and is the oldest in the world. It started from India and had its spread till present day Afghanistan. On the other hand, Islam is the newest major religion in the world as it originated in 7th century AD. Naturally, without a doubt it is a given fact that their spread happened on the behest of other religions.

Before Islam was even born, every religion in the world was already present, flourishing and had their respective traditions, culture and more importantly monuments. Gyanwapi Mandir was one such that was built by Chandragupta II. With the advent of Islamist attacks, started by Mahmud of Ghazni and till Aurangzeb, this Shiva temple was attacked, demolished and restored. But it was the era of Aurangzeb when no other ruler was as powerful as him (after Shivaji Maharaj’s death) that the Gyanwapi Mandir was demolished and a mosque was built over it. Not just this, there were thousands of other such temples that were demolished. Muslims did this everywhere in the world. The famous Jerusalem also has the same story (note that Judaism came way earlier than Islam). Aurangzeb infact was a terrorist of those times who practically demolished everything sacred to Hindus, within his reach.

The dispute of Gyanwapi, hence dates ages back. Unfortunately, then Hindus could not do much since India was ruled by Islamist forces, then came the English who anyway divided everybody but still paid some attention to both Muslims and Hindus demands, followed by an independent India which always had a taste of ‘appeasement’ towards Muslims. Nevertheless, petitions were filed by people (in 1991 and then 2018)which has now gained momentum.

What will be the next steps of the govt? What will be the ruling of the courts? What will be the sentiments on the ground? These all questions are going to define the state of our country. If you think critically, it really forces us to think.

As a devout Hindu, I am very happy that the truth is coming out with evidences. But as an Indian, I am really afraid of the consequences that the ruling may have.

The issue is that Muslims never ever acknowledge the fact that their ancestors had cause havoc in the then Bharat. They are still living in their aura that ‘We ruled over the Hindus and this nation for 800 years’. Hindus, who have been very tolerant as a whole till now, have now woken up and are asking questions, demonstrating, shaking up things.

But one thing is for sure, whether right or wrong, a message that has been given to the Muslims is that we will restore everything and you will have to live by our rules.

For a moment, step into a Muslim’s shoe and see the list of events that has happened so far. Be it the CAA or Hijab, Ayodhya or Kashi, the consistent noise by the media on their Covid behaviour, open prayers, shout out against the Khans and many more — any Muslim would only be furious (which they become very fast due to their inherent aggressive nature).

Today’s Muslim was born after 1947 and doesn't understand the fact that any Islamic thing in India largely had a Hindu structure beneath. Moreover, their psyche has been reshaped by Congress all these decades.

But on the other hand, fixes to historical wrongs is utmost important and especially when Hindus now better know their past. They are not able to show their anger to all those appeasements done till date.

The fact that this country was divided on the basis of religion and even after that the fate our country lies with Muslims since they have a strong and consistent vote bank, irks the Hindus.

I dont know what the next course of action will be or should be, but one thing is for sure, that if Muslims lose, then their anger will get sympathies from the Islamic nations of the world, and especially Pakistan, and any tilt of emotion towards them (in a larger way) will be detrimental to India’s future. Having them to acknowledge the wrongdoings of the past is next to impossible, in fact impossible.

If you, a Hindu, feels that this Mandir should be formed and Masjid be removed, then also accept that riots will follow. If you feel that this is not needed and are happy with Ayodhya, then maybe you are less devout or being large hearted. If on the other hand, it doesnt mean anything to you and you are one of those who will bring back the topic to Economy, then it is people like you we had such issues at the first place!



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