Why people will continue to trust Modi?

Have you ever wondered why Narendra Modi’s image is always high amongst the majority and followers? Why his approval ratings always top the charts? Hindutva is not the only answer here. The problem with people who are against Modi due to several reasons is that they never try to figure out the root cause of his grandeur image and are only occupied in bad mouthing him and his govt.

From a civilian’s point of view who gets no reward of picking sides or whatsoever, there are few very strong reasons as to why he/she will choose Modi always:

  1. Revival of Tradition and Culture — Whether you admit or not, Modi era has brought out the glorious past of Bharat in a much grander scale as ever. Unless you do not accept the fact that India was the centre point of the world for ‘all’ matters right from the BC era (yes before Mughals), you will not accept this point. Be it revival of old temples or spreading the supernatural effects of Yoga, or reminding the world about Takshila and Nalanda, people owe their allegiance to Modi.

The negligence of acknowledgement to these traditions and facts by the opposition, intellectuals and also anti-Modi brigade, reinforces the belief of Modi supporters towards his govt.

I have hardly seen any of these stakeholders tweeting or speaking in support of Indian ethos, because they fear this may be taken in adhering to Modi’s principles.

2. The never ‘say no to work’ attitude — Opposition will always ridicule the 18 hour day work of Modi but the people of India have seen him work. By this I mean that there is not a single holiday which he has taken off work, his back to back meetings across the world and immediately after that inauguration of some thing or chairing a meeting, all that at this age, is the schedule that people have seen continuously since the last 7 years. Okay, you may say that this is a marketing gimmick, but it cannot be a100% gimmick. You may be against him but think from a common man’s perspective who will definitely place this in high regards, especially when we haven’t witnessed it in previous PM’s tenure (yes, social media also has a lot to play).

3. Blending in with the masses — A more prominent explanation of this is by showing the opposition’s image during the farmers protests.

Do you think that such an image can be digested by the large community? How does it even tell that this politician lives and breathe with common men? Can we ever consider him serious? Of course not!

Such repetitive examples showcased by the opposition lead us to believe that they are not in sync with the common man of the country

4. Global appeal and industry friendly image — When a common man notices the fact that PM Modi is not just popular in India but outside as well, the overall fascination for him increases because it makes them believe strongly that they are backing the right person. Today there are innumerable incidents where we have seen world leaders hugging, tweeting, rallying along with Modi. Not just leaders but also pop-stars. It definitely adds up to the appeal. Now merge it with the ‘selective’ pics that trollers put across of previous PMs. As a common man, you will always go with the first pic.

I know this comparison is utterly stupid and insane, but that is how it is portrayed in media.

However, one can still not deny that bonhomie between Modi and world leaders is definitely more visual than any previous PM.

5. Bold decisions — Now whether you agree or not, Modi govt has definitely taken bold decisions. Be it the removal of 370, or accelerating the Ram Mandir issue, or CAA bill, or Farm Laws and Labour Laws, or Corporatisation of Defence Industries, or having a CDS, or the surgical strikes and many more — This required real guts and political will. It doesn't matter which side you are on, these laws were actually opposed by labour unions affiliated to BJP/RSS.

Think logically, why would any party want their own affiliates to be against them on such multiple issues? No, right? This is the reason that common people, and very much including me, consider Modi as someone who is actually working for the nation and its betterment.

I wont go into the details of above laws because that itself is an another book altogether, but I want you to focus on the intent of this perception.

6. The total disregard by Netizens — This I often see with my friends, colleagues, relatives, and general social media public whoever is against Modi.

I haven’t seen many of them retweeting the Padma awards or endorsing the fact that Hindu’s Upanishads, Manusmritis, Vedas and other books that encompass scientific as well as spiritual knowledge, or Ayurveda. There is nothing to debate on it as everything is in written format since centuries, tried and tested. Either you don’t believe in them or simply are afraid to endorse it fearing allegiance to the BJP. Forget these, they did not even came out in support of the surgical strikes!

This very notion makes me and a majority of people like me reinforce my trust in Modi. Mind you, this is NOT AT ALL about demeaning anyone else, but simply to take pride on my ancestral history.

7. The Pakistan love — We all have been watching India Pakistan cricket matches with great zeal. The sad part is that whatever be the result, there is always a celebration in India. It fires us Indians when we see that a sect of Muslim population and colonies “celebrate” the victory. There is no issue with praising, but there is definitely a problem with ‘celebrating’. And this is nothing new, because I am sure you will say that this is all perpetuated by IT cell. No it is not. We have being seeing this since decades. I remember witnessing bursting of crackers back in 2008 in Meerut whenever Pakistan won, and mind you it wasn't Diwali that day!

When our so called seculars and opposition deny to condemn such pro-Pakistan celebratory acts, my belief in Modi govt strengthens, and rightly so, it will always strengthen!

There is nothing bigger in the world than India Pak enemity. A country that has always propagated terror on India, attacked our forces, brainwashed Indian Muslims and waged wars multiple times cannot be celebrated on their cricket win, especially by our fellow Indians. No, never!

8. The Islamophobia — Okay, this may be too controversial. Before you read, I want to explicitly tell that this isn’t against Muslims.

If a common Hindu, today, reads and understands about the Muslim invasion since 12th century, Muslim dominance and forceful conversions since then, partition of the country, negligence of leaders like Netaji by our politicians, exodus of Kashmiri Pandits, the picking up of Hindu traditions and culture by Bollywood or religious groups, knocking the court’s door for Durga Visarjan and pleading for the use of crackers, a silent peaceful exodus of Hindu population from UP villages due to growing dominance of Muslims (socio-issues), ever increasing and changing demographics in Bengal, Kerala and now UP, and many many others — — give me a reason as to why the majority of the country won’t take a side with the BJP?

When people say that RSS/BJP is spreading ‘Hindu terror’, it is very evident for people to oppose such spreaders because we have never distinguished our fellow citizens on the basis of religion. Had that been the case, the population of Muslims would not have increased from a mere 3% to today’s 17%, we wouldn’t have been this big fans of SRK, Salman and Aamir, we wouldn’t have encouraged Muslims in civil societies, we wouldn’t have accepted and propagated the ideology of Ganga Jamuni. Instead like any other radical country, we would have been at war throughout suppressing them always.

India is secular because the majority population chose to be secular, just like Bangladesh also chose to be secular as the majority “Bengali speaking” population preferred secularism.




A normal IT professional passionate about writing! I would like to express my views on Politics and other fields through Medium.

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Prakhar Maheshwari

Prakhar Maheshwari

A normal IT professional passionate about writing! I would like to express my views on Politics and other fields through Medium.

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